Independent Advice

Finding you the vehicle best suited to your requirments

Our service is totally reliant on giving absolute independent advice and only works to its fullest if this is the case. You won’t find us pushing stock vehicles to shift them as we don’t stock anything; everything is sourced specifically to order. Now this doesn’t mean we won’t recommend you a vehicle that we believe in or for that matter put you off a vehicle we think is rubbish. There are definitely certain vehicles for certain jobs and many vehicles that are not worth even considering.

Whether you are looking for cars or light commercial vehicles, A1 will help you find the best suited vehicle for your needs. We encompass and collate many variables when calculating the best suited vehicles, to make sure you get the right vehicle at the right price.

A1 knows that understanding your business is key, to you’re business getting the correct solution. We pride ourselves on making sure that’s the case with every single customer. A1 wants you to be happy from start to finish and making sure you get the right unbiased information and to ultimately make the correct decision. This we hope will make sure that A1 will be you’re companies Fleet Solution.